Top Tips For Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a journey we take as mothers and having a few tips up our sleves can be helpful to make this journey more smooth.

My first tip I’d like to share is


Many of us have heard how important skin to skin is but what is more important is UNINTRUPTED skin to skin. At the moment following birth our babies are placed on our chest and there we ooz oxytocin, the love hormone ,our quite hormone, our connection hormone. This moment sage guards our babies. It stimulates us to protect and cherish our babies. On the babies side it is where we transition quality under our mothers protection. We smell her, hear her heart beat and feel secure.

This transition period is not moments but it is a period where our baby rests, explore,crawl, roots, smell, lick and suck.

For our baby:

Our Mothers milk flows for us , coats our digestive track so we are protected from pathogens. It is the start which will influence so much of our future.

To be interrupted can cause us fear ,stress, cold and total confusion.

For Mothers

The main point is keep that baby of yours on your chest. SKIN to SKIN until after its first breastfeed.